Geo Located Natural Language Processing

The Group built a software library for geo-located scraping, analysis, monitoring and language generation called Geotweets. Currently, the library incorporates five tools. “Sample” will scrape and save up to 100 geolocated tweets in batch form. “Real time visualizer” uses “sample” to create a word frequency distribution chart which can grow and change in real time. “Scan and respond” scans geo-located tweets and asks the user to verify they are of interest before sending a tweet response. “Write” classifies geo-located tweets into phrase types (noun phrases, verb phrases, etc.). “Suggest_bot” is an auto-suggest text engine. The user can create poems with bots that suggest either words or phrases based on a pre-defined corpus and/or a geo-located twitter scans of an area. This library allows an operator to interact directly with the real-time linguistic field of a city.