Creative Code & Computer Science

The Saito Group offers one-on-one tutoring in a variety of creative-coding platforms:

Operating Systems: Raspberry Pi is a cheap micro-computer ($35) that is a superb tool for teaching "what is a computer"? i.e. what is the CPU, GPU, memory and/or operating system. It is a cheap and effective introduction for working with hardware and software.

Local Aesthetic Software: Processing is a programming language that can easily introduce a person to the core concepts in computer science and creative coding. If a someone wanted to take data from a satellite, a car or a cellphone and turn it into a dynamic visualization, this is what he or she would use. 

Web Aesthetic Software: P5 is the web-version of Processing; if a person wanted to build a web site from scratch, a web application (with many users) or get data from other websites (like the NYT), this is the tool.

Applications: Python is a robust back end programming language; if a person was interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, scientific or engineering applications, this is where we'd focus.

Projections: the group has extensive experience with digital projection; if a person wanted to magnify their art, in either the in-door or out-door setting, the group's knowledge is very helpful to this effect.

The group has extensive experience working with individuals with learning differences (ADHD, AS, etc.).

The group is also superb at working with students to create a portfolio for their applications to MIT, ITP, Parsons, SAIC, etc. We have had high admission and scholarship rates for all these schools (but in particular SAIC).