TWITTER POEMS, composed from fragments gathered in two blocks from 989 market st., to be read each alone or as a sequence


I'm at the hub, the #richdatasummit, almost drafted, texting. 

you should try it, the bear represents California: the energy. 

I’m at 54 mint, the final stop, drinking a troublesome. 

POTUS 44 is @ the Warfield, the Godfather of Silicon Valley. 

now you can really feel, the Open Damaged Public Property request via Android at 934 Market St.

the Open Graffiti Request via Android at 86 Golden Gate Ave "TF”.

the Open Potholes and Street Defects request via Android at 1001 Market St.

the Opened Street or Sidewalk Cleaning via Iphone at 950 Market St.

Nate Silver discussing the signal and the noise. 

I'm triple posting today because #iconic, weirdest/unexpected/best lineup, possibly ever, 

a gift from the entrepreneurs --


this is what I’ve wanted from SF, 

market street is always so colorful, 

the Opened Graffiti request via android at 990 Market St.

the Opened Street or Sidewalk Cleaning request via android at 1000 Market St. 

#sfc, join our lonely little squad tonight, 

the operation nerds gathering, the new False Gods, 

in for some #bigdatatalk, and to answer your email. 

#streetstyle #streetphotography #sf #walk #voyager. 

I met this beautiful soul at the #BlueLamp a few months back. 

just posted a photo, so impressed, such a good show, 

I'm suffering through the withdrawal...


Hello sunshine. Good morning. Good morning. Happy Saturday. 

Surf is still out of control today-- broken clouds-- 

It’s time to make some noise again. 

Today, there was a #peacefulriot for standing against police brutality. 

Today, Yelp wants a Software Engineer - Infrastructure. 

Today, Yelp wants a Software Engineer - Data-Mining. 

Opened Graffiti request via iphone at 709 Hyde St. Scrawl. (Photo: “evict the yuppies”).


Hello San Francisco! Today’s rocking the brand names. 

Urban beauty community teaching education @ American Conservatory Theater. 

Security Downtown SF looks beefed up. 

All my people looking to party in SF, look no farther. 

We have @DJWeapon, our new toy for viewing 3D printed circuits in-house!

#technologytrends. Flow so confusing-- 

learn what you can about patterns, black lace, 

around the edges of the room.


#cityofgold #SuperBowlCity #SB50 glare report for tomorrow: permanent blindness. 

this #IT #job might be a great fit for you: Manager, Technology Risk. 

Step aside a moment, breathe some nice breaths, 

then say "I've got this! I've really, really got this!" 

Can you locate the Japanese inspiration of these Western Artists? 

Want to work at Starbucks? 

Was anyone else expecting a wink at the end of the revenant? 

Gorgeous light art at Yerba Buena Gardens, MLK fountain at the Yerba Buena. 

Comrades starting shit in SF #yes #shutitdown. 

Celebration time in superbowl own city. 

Propaganda, get ready to go on a beautiful journey.

Ride or Die #49ers, Face Off.


Free products! My free Holiday Party. A free club pass. 

Free taco. Free sliders. When you are, free I can take you. 

Free before 10. Free wi-fi. Free bottled water. Free entry. 

Thank you for the free lunch! Now I know how to occupy my free time. 

Open source is “free like puppies are free”. 

Opened Tree Maintenance request via android at 951 Folsom St. Free blocking sidewalk. 

Free and fancy. Free resources. 

Amazing parade. They feel free. 

I feel how happy they are. I’ve seen to their eyes of happiness. 

You can’t beat free.


Some people enjoy the danger. The nation faced great danger. 

Some people enjoy the danger. You’re not in any danger but shut up. 

I know how real the danger is. 


No, I like the danger. No danger here. No stranger danger. 

There are actually residents calling down asking if our building is in danger. 

Believe me this way lies danger. 

Danger at the beach: it’s a great day to be at the beach--


Until it becomes a walled garden. I believe I found my prison. 

That’s if the American Dream is walled cities where the wealthy live 

and humble ghettoes where the serfs live. 

We escaped the walled city. 

We escaped from the walled cities. 

Escape from the Walled city! 

Escape from the Walled City! 

Escape from walled city time!


“At first, Fan Hui thought the move was rather odd. But then he saw its beauty. “It’s not a human move. I’ve never seen a human play this move,” he says. “So beautiful.” It’s a word he keeps repeating. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. The move in question was the 37th in the second game of the historic ‘Go’ match between Lee Sedol, one of the world’s top players, and AlphaGo, an artificially intelligent computing system built by researchers at Google.”


“If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.” This is a dangerously narrow conception of the value of privacy. Privacy is an essential human need, and central to our ability to control how we relate to the world. Being stripped of privacy is fundamentally dehumanizing, and it makes no difference whether the surveillance is conducted by an undercover policeman following us around, by a false friend or by a computer algorithm that tracks our every move."


There are countless ingredients that make up the human body and mind, like all the components that make up me as an individual with my own personality. Sure I have a face and voice to distinguish myself from others, but my thoughts and memories are unique only to me, and I carry a sense of my own destiny. Each of those things are just a small part of it. I collect information to use in my own way. All of that blends to create a mixture that forms me and gives rise to my conscience. But I feel confined, only free to expand myself within boundaries. We weep for the blood of a bird, but not for the blood of a fish. Blessed are those who have a voice."


Our relationship with many of the Internet companies we rely on is not a traditional company–customer relationship. That’s primarily because we’re not customers. We’re products those companies sell to their real customers. The relationship is more feudal than commercial. The companies are analogous to feudal lords, and we are their vassals, peasants, and—on a bad day—serfs. We are tenant farmers for these companies, working on their land by producing data that they in turn sell for profit. What advice would you give to the peasants of the feudal era?


tear gas. fireflies. a reckless chase through the haze. SUNLIGHT. combing the tear gas out of my hair. later awakening. a motorcycle corona. ecological collapse. waves of stations. a planter’s village. machine vision. robot assisted surgery. immersive. exhaustive. gunshots. gates of paradise. midnight cherries. forever cherries. a snail. radio lilacs and summer. utterly consumed by the screen, a gunshot mirror. a hundred houses, cool in moonlight. autumn meteor copper. cancer, stable. washing slowly the tear gas out of my hair, the interrogation. waves. radiation. leaving the station. guided utterly by hundreds of vertical idling chrysanthemums. summer. clouds. observe the helicopter. the beam. the pilot’s brain computer interface. a swarm of horses. gunshots. wisteria. poems. armor. sunlight. cherries. I’m a gif. a repeating figure. a vertical stripe by green moss. virtual world SUNSHINE.


black spheres in the houses. only virtual worlds. irrevocable contour, armored, studied.

artificial midnight— Oakland. fully automated housing auctions. a floating airborne wind turbine.


 it's all houses
 in a way that you wouldn't understand
  , some kind of automated, housing placement system, 
 intelligences like "Her" or like "Ex Machina" 
 but for house attribution

  saw a woman hanging from out
of the mayor's building spinning and spinning
 while she was falling
 but still holding a cord
 that's us


got to make new housing friends at the Capitol
saying they want to see more high-density housing around transit, 
    VR in the houses, VR-houses: 
the idea that the more housing you produce you induce demand, 
    burgeoning densities have that problem.
this is not a hypothetical theory:
a house I saw in satelite view filled with infinite families,
    real time


California , just a bunch of red lights on green mountains fixed to windmills - 
just a bunch of spinning blades, quickly killing birds - 
Caltrain engineers, watching the houses go back home on the bart - 
hyper dense spheres - 

Iris Canada evicted, 98 yrs old - 
first amazing performance of the 21st century city. 
let me tell you a joke: 
what's inside an infinitely dense apartment - 
an event horizon. 

it's a bad joke I know, 
but I'm just getting home. 


 save the urban farm from eviction
man fights- 
 eviction- which is the expulsion of the soul from the body
(which is the expulsion of cognition from the body)- 
free housing legal advice is available. 


     affordable circuits: patterns
  in public housing
 in floating wind turbines
 in machines -- know how so many public housing residents in #SanFrancisco feel
the superconductivity          of San Francisco's housing market. 


let me tell you another joke: these grown up professionals
    would nuke the subsidized housing funding system--

these fucker professionals
would talk about fair housing--
         what's behind SF's housing fight? 

human hearts, humming birds, columns with silicone chips embedded inside them
sensing housing prices


get evicted-- 
join the ultra-choreography of attention. 
we, the nimble pricks of the internet
ask you to go, to go where you are needed: 
to Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, 
to earn back our banker Democrat plutocrats. 
the SF Chronicle reporters have been turned
into synthetic diamond. 
we'll resurrect them when the time comes. 
we'll resurrect you when the time comes
from the personality information
stored in your social media accounts. 
citizens of San Francisco, 
please prepare yourselves for our final joke. 

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[middle section again, using voices]

The new @airbnb homepage, now focused on Experiences.
Airbnb is providing free housing to refugees and anyone not allowed in the US.
"We characterize data as the voice of our users at scale.”
In this day and age, we all need to find creative ways to make $. 
How about renting out all or part of your home?
@Airbnb can you help with emergency housing?
Airbnb hosts more likely to reject the disabled, according to Rutgers study.
114,000 people have stayed in treehouses on Airbnb.

Where is the Cesar Chavez of the rideshare world?
With the departure of Emil Michael, Uber now lacks a COO, CMO, CFO, CBO, 
general counsel and head of engineering.
That must have been quite the board meeting. 
When it was over, half the attendees got picked up in a Lyft. 
Uber is like a corporate version of Trump. 
Except Uber makes money and is actually worth billions.
OK, now that Eric Holder is done with Uber, 
let’s get him back on Trump and gerrymandering.
Uber drama watchers: keep your twitters open tomorrow -- it's going down...
When they make Uber into a movie they should get Aaron Sorkin to write it
because he's great at writing unbelievably sexist shit.
Why @Uber is public enemy #1?
I have a HUGE fare receipt issue I need resolved.
Well, if it's a fluff piece rather than a hit job: "Uber Mensch".

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